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Dec, 2th 2013

Taka is on Laguna Beach Times.
Laguna Times

Nov, 16th 2013

Lost Forever @Malones Concert Venue, Santa Ana, CA

Violence breeds Violence @Malones Concert Venue, Santa Ana, CA

Nov, 5th 2013

Taka will be playing Blood Rain for 2days with new line up.
Kevin Jones on Vocals
Steve Slaughter on Bass
Yosuke Yamada on Drums

Oct, 15th 2013

Taka appears on "Nathan Frost"'s new record "Synecron".
Progressive Metal featuring Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Marco Sfogli, Taka Minamino
and guest Derek Sherinian.


May, 19th 2013

Taka demonstrate few songs(Mercy Of Evil, Blood Rain, Violence Breeds Violence)
at Mirror image Anaheim,CA.

Violence Breeds Violence

June, 27th 2012

New Interview@Brazil witheverytearadream

June, 11th 2012

Taka Minamino Live at Anaheim Mirror Image Studios.

:Set List
1. Woke Up Dead
2. Lost Forever
3. Set Me Free
4. Mercy Of Evl
5. Blood Rain Intro
6. Blood Rain
7. All My Days Alive
8. Final Curtain
Taka on Guitar, Kevin Jones on Vocals, Jake Pace on Bass, Ilai Lebel on Drums.

April, 23th 2012

Taka will perform his solo project band at Mirror Image Studios Anaheim, CA.

April, 5th 2012

Now available for Pre-Order TAKA MINAMINOs 2nd Record "Blood Rain".
・Bonus Track "Violence Breeds Violence"
・Promotion DVD


Mar, 30th 2012

"Blood Rain" was on air again at Argentina Metal Radio Espectro FM98.9
"All My Days Alive"&"Woke Up Dead" was featured.

Mar, 4th 2012

New Review@ Metal Titans

Mar, 4th 2012

New Interview@ YOU RAWK WORLDWIDE by Dana Shelton

Feb, 9th 2012

New Review@ Wings Of Death Netherlands

Jan, 27th 2012

Song called "Violence Breeds Violence"(2012 ver.) will be for a bonus track of "Blood Rain CD"
Kelly Simonz is guest guitar solo on this tune.
Soon will be released in Japan.

Jan, 20th 2012

New Review@Guitar Muse
New Interview@Argentina Metal Radio ESPECTRO FM98.9(Audio file)

Jan, 17th 2012

Pre-Order-Taka Minamino "Blood Rain" DVD(2012)
All orders will be shipped on Jan.30th

Songs List:
1.Woke Up Dead
2.Set Me Free
3.Blood Rain
4.Thy Postremus Velum
Price-1200yen (DVD-R plus autographed photo and logo sticker)

Jan, 14th 2012

Taka was at Mirro Image Studio to shoot his video for Blood Rain.
Engineer Ron, Taka.
Ron and Taka at Mirror Image Studio

Jan, 12th 2012

Taka will be on air at Argentina Metal Radio station "ESPECTRO" FM98.9 to talk about
his new CD "Blood Rain" at 4:00 pm on Jan.20th in LA time (1/21 9:00 am in Japan time)

Jan, 11th 2012

:"Blood Rain" is Top89 Metal Album of 2011 at Metal Storm.
: New Interview@Auria Rock Spain

Jan, 6th 2012

"Blood Rain" on air at Argentina Metal Radio station "ESPECTRO" FM98.9
Here is audio you can hear.

Jan, 5th 2012

New Review@Road Rayge Metal Magazine
New Interview@That Devil Music

Jan, 4th 2012

New Review@That Devil Music
New Interview@Mystic Metal Australia

Jan, 3rd 2012

Happy DRAGON year to all of you with my bearded DRAGONs!

Dec,30th 2011

Blood Rain@Auria Rock
Blood Rain@Chamas e Rugidos
Blood Rain@Metal Online Magazine
Blood Rain@Wicked News France
Blood Rain@Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Blood Rain@Metal Archives

Dec,26th 2011

Blood Rain@Metal Underground
Blood Rain@Smn News
Blood Rain@Metal Tour
Blood Rain@Daily Heavy Metal News
Blood Rain@Metal 4 All
Blood Rain@Truth in Shredding

Dec,24th 2011

New Interview@Japan Metal Indies

Dec, 17th 2011

Taka Minamino 2nd record "Blood Rain" is now on iTunes!
(セカンドアルバム"Blood Rain" iTunesで先行発売!)
Taka Minamino "BloodRain"
Message from Taka
ギターの可能性を最大限以上に極め、ケヴィンの素晴らしいボーカルスタイルとJason BeckerやJourney,リッチーコッチェンとの活躍でも知られるアトマさんのドラムと俺のギターと作曲,
アレンジ,そして自ら手掛けたミックスとマスタリングで自分が求めていたサウンド "バイオレンスメタル" 
この絶望しか与えないBlood Rainを是非聞いてみて下さい★
Download "Blood Rain"

Aug, 14th 2011

Taka Minamino's 2nd CD "Blood Rain" is in process of mixing and mastering at CrystalForce studio.

July, 28th 2011

Taka and Kevin Jones are in the studio together to record his vocals.

Feb, 1st 2011

Atma Anur recorded his drums for upcoming Taks 2nd CD.
Atma Anur

Jan, 4th 2011

Happy new year to everyone!
~Message from Taka~
I have been busy for writting for 2nd CD.
I hope you guys can hear it in this year!

Feb. 21th 2010
Taka Minamino Live@ Nanba Rockets Osaka, Japan

Feb. 16th
Videos Page Update!

Feb. 14th
Taka Minamino Live@ Club Vijon Osaka, Japan

Feb. 4th
New Interview@ We Rock
Click here to read the interview

Jan. 30th
Live Page Update!

Jan. 9th
New Review @

Jan. 1st, 2010
Happy New Year to All of U!
Have a gr8 hella Rockin New Year!

Dec. 13th 2009
New Taka's Interview@ Japan Metal Indies

Dec. 10th
New Review@

Dec. 9th
New Interview on Young Guitar 2010 Jan. Issue
Click here to read the interview
young guitar

Nov. 22nd
AngelWing in Store Now @
Disk Union, Tower Record, HMV, Amazon

Nov. 15th
1st Album "AngelWing" out now!
Produced by Taka Minamino
Taka Minamino on Guitar
Kevin Jones on Vocals
Jeff Scott Soto on Guest Vocals
Rafael Borks on Keyboards
Derek Sherinian on Guest Keys Solo
Tony Franklin on Guest Bass
Jeff Bowders on Drums

Feb. 25th, 2009
Taka Minamino guest appearance on ex-Dream Theater keys Derek Sherinian "Molecular Heinosity"!
Taka played guitar on the title track
"Molecular Heinosity" and "The Lone Spaniard".
Derek Sherinian Official Site
Derek Sherinian Myspace
Derek Sherinian Molecular Heinosity

Feb. 2009
Taka hard at work for his first solo record.
Keyboardist Rafael Borks joined forces with
this project.

May. 2008
Taka recorded guitar tracks for Derek Sherinian new record
at Burbank studio.
Taka at Derek Studio

Feb. 10th, 2008
Taka appeared on Guitar Player Magazine(USA)
2008 Feb.Issue.

Oct. 12nd, 2007
Taka was chosen to be one of top 10 finalist in Guitar Player Magazine(USA) "Guitar Hero 2007 Competition"'s held in San Francisco, CA. Taka performed his song "AngelWing" in front of judges; Mike Varney,Greg Howe,Nuno Bettencourt, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather.

Taka started teaching guitar at G.I.T. DX program at
Musicians Institute Osaka, Japan.

Jan. 2006
Singer Kevin Jones joined on Taka and Kevin recorded vocals at Hollywood Studio.
Kevin Jones

Dec. 2005
Drummer Jeff Bowders(Paul Gilbert) recorded drums for Taka's song at Hollywood studio.
Joe,Taka Jeff Bowders
Joe Testai, Taka, Jeff Bowders

Oct. 2005
Taka started working on demo with keys
Michael T.Ross(Hardline).
Taka and Michael T.Ross

Sep. 2005
Taka Minamino appeared on Mike Varney Spotlight Column Guitar Player Magazine USA 2005 Sep. issue.

Taka's iTunes Store


Taka Minamino "BloodRain"

Guest Appearance

DerekSherinian/Molecular Heinosity

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