Sep. 5th 2018

Taka Minamino's Custom Pedal "ACE DRIVE" is now available!

Product Information
TS overdrive"… there is no doubt that it has been the important existence in the history of electric guitar.
As the result of our continuous researches of TS, we finally managed to evolve it to be more useful and powerful, which is called as “ACE DRIVE.”
Based on the traditional Vintage TS, the concept of Ace Drive was to deliver more beautiful sound.
The distortion sound of Ace Drive delivers tighter low end and smoother treble. Of course, it is set to be low noise.
Besides the volume, tone, and gain, this pedal carries another good quality booster. This brings up only power and low, but the tone of guitar won’t be affected as it is. Without becoming boomy tone, only the sound pressure rises, which is also the core of the Ace Drive.

Three types of the Ace Drive.
Type ''B” – It is optimally tuned for British style amps. The range of gains is set to be wide, and it has strong low-end extrusion.

Type ''C'' – It is optimally tuned for California style amps.
Even though it moderately suppresses the gain, the sound is still clear with low gain. Also, this model emphasizes the tightness of the low end.

Type ''M'' – It is optimally tuned for modern high gain amps.
This model has the lowest gain setting and make the sound of high gain amps more beautiful. It also delivers a sharp attack feeling and would be the best use with a multi-string or drop-tuning guitars.

Vintage wires are used as a common option to all models.
In addition, comparing to the wire of the current product, the vintage wire delivers more open sound.
Because paint is also handmade, it becomes a different pattern one by one.
The check LED can be selected from red, blue or white color.
It runs by a general 9V drive. Since the battery can’t be built in, the original battery cable is included.

For shipment to the outside of Japan
Price: 34,000 Japanese Yen(Including shipping and tax)

TS over drive』エレキギターの歴史の中で、重要な存在である。今、改めてこのペダルを考え、研究を重ね、進化を遂げたのがこのペダルである。トラディショナルなヴィンテージTSをベースに、より使いやすく、より美しいサウンドに。をコンセプトに改良。TSの持ち味であるミッドレンジを軸に、よりタイトなローエンド、より抜けるトレブル。
コントロールは、ボリューム トーン ゲインの他に、良質なブースターを搭載。これはギターのサウンドをそのままに、パワーとローを持ち上げる。ブーミーになる事なく、音圧が上がっていく、このペダルの肝である。

Type ''B” – ブリティッシュ・スタイルのアンプに最適なチューニングを施したType ''B''ゲインの幅が広く、またローエンドの押し出しが強いモデル。

Type "C" - カリフォルニア・スタイルのアンプに最適なチューニングを施したType ''C''ゲインを適度に抑え、ローゲインにセッティングしても音がこもらない、またローエンドの

Type "M" - モダン・ハイゲインアンプに最適なチューニングを施した Type ''M''最もローゲインなモデル、ハイゲインアンプのサウンドをより美しくする事に最適なチューニング。多弦ギターやドロップ・チューニングでも潰れることの無いローエンド、鋭いアタック感を持ったモデル。


チェックLEDは、赤 青 白から選択可能。

Price: 32,000円 (送料、税込み)


Jan. 15th 2018

Songs from his first album.

May, 12th 2016

War in Heaven 5th Movement

May, 2nd 2016

Taka's new album "War in Heaven" will be released on Jun 1st in iTunes!!

1. War in Heaven intro
2. War in Heaven 1st Movement
3. War in Heaven 2nd Movement
4. War in Heaven 3rd Movement
5. War in Heaven 4th Movement
6. War in Heaven 5th Movement
7. War in Heaven Concerto
8. War in Heaven Finale
9. In Your Blue Eyes (Bonus Track)

Mar, 8th 2016

New album "War in Heaven" will be coming soon. Keep your eyes open...
Also, Taka is now accepting online lesson students. For more info, please go to online lesson page.

July, 15th 2015

Mercy Of Evil(HD)

June, 21st 2015

Violence breeds Violence (HD)

AngelWing (HD)

Feb, 18th 2015

New Single "War in Heaven 4th Movement" will be on March 10th on iTunes!!

Jan, 6th 2015

Happy new year!
Tak's first show of this year is going to be playing with CELLADOR at Denver, CO.

Cellador’s been added as support for SKULL FIST on Thursday, 1/15 at Marquis Theatre in Denver! 80′s style Canadian speed metal. Also supporting are ELM STREET and NIGHT DEMON. These dudes look like fun, so come out and primal rage!


Buy your tickets at discount through our webstore! Cheapest spot to buy them!

Flier to be posted asap!

Dec, 2nd 2014

Pics from Kavan's show at HOB Anaheim

Nov, 18th 2014

Taka Minamino's new single will be out Dec, 13th on iTunes only.

Taka Minamino/War in Heaven (Single)
1. War in Heaven 1st Movement
2. War in Heaven 3rd Movement

Nov, 13rd 2014

Kavan has only two shows left for this year.
11/21 @Carson
11/23@ House of Blues Anaheim

Oct, 2nd 2014

Check out Kavan's interview.
Kavan played a show on Sep. 12th,and more shows are coming!

July, 29th 2014

Photos from KAVAN show at the House of Blues Anaheim.
Thanx all for coming to the show!

July, 1st 2014

KAVAN will rock on July 20th at House of Blues Anaheim.

May, 27st 2014

KAVAN will play at Fullerton, CA

May, 21st 2014

KAVAN will play @Characters, Pomona,CA.

May, 20th 2014

Taka has been working on new record w/metal drummer Kevin Talley.
Stay in tune!

May, 1st 2014

Taka will appear with KAVAN.
5/3 @Milkcreek, Mentone, CA
5/10 @Splash Kingdom, Redlands, CA

April, 19th 2014

Taka played with KAVAN at Malones Santa Ana.
More shows will be coming soon!

April, 7th 2014

Next Saturday, 4/19 at Malone's Bar & Grill in Santa Ana. Show begins at 8,
Kavan on stage at 9:15 sharp.

March, 13th 2014

Taka joins the hardrock band "KAVAN" as a lead guitar player.
Shows will be added soon.


Feb, 24th 2014

Taka makes guest appearance on track 11 "Allegro Maestoso"
on Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith's new record "Blind Faith"

Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith

Taka's iTunes Store


Taka Minamino "BloodRain"

Guest Appearance

DerekSherinian/Molecular Heinosity

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